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Vỏ Nhôm VNT-A032
262.000 VNĐ
Vỏ Nhôm VNT-A031
155.000 VNĐ
Vỏ Nhôm VNT-A030
58.000 VNĐ
Vỏ Nhôm VNT-A029
80.000 VNĐ
Vỏ Nhôm VNT-A028
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Vỏ Nhôm VNT-A027
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Vỏ Nhôm VNT-A025
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LM2596 Module V1
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BL4.0 HM11 - SMD
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BL2.0 HC06 -DIP(Slave)
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nRF24L01 Module V1
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68.000 VNĐ
STM32F4 Discovery
435.000 VNĐ
STM32F103VET6 2.4
650.000 VNĐ
Vỏ nhựa VNT-P020
20.000 VNĐ

STM32F4 Discovery

Hãng sản xuất: ST
Mã sản phẩm: VNT0101
Trạng thái: Hết hàng
Nhóm sản phẩm: KIT Phát Triển ARM
Xuất xứ: Chính hãng
Kiểu chân:
Địa điểm lưu kho:
Đơn vị tính: Chiếc
435.000 VNĐ

Giá trước thuế: 435.000 VNĐ
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STM32F4 Discovery (ARM Cortex M4 + DSP Core)

The STM32F4DISCOVERY helps you to discover the STM32F407/417 line features and to develop your applications easily. It includes everything required for beginners and experienced users to get started quickly.

Based on the STM32F407VGT6, it includes an ST-LINK/V2 embedded debug tool, two ST MEMS, digital accelerometer and digital microphone, one audio DAC with integrated class D speaker driver, LEDs and push buttons and an USB OTG micro-AB connector.

A large number of free ready-to-run application firmware examples are available on www.st.com/stm32f4-discovery to support quick evaluation and development.

  • STM32F407VGT6 microcontroller featuring 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F core, 1 MB Flash, 192 KB RAM in an LQFP100 package.
  • On-board ST-LINK/V2 with selection mode switch to use the kit as a standalone ST-LINK/V2 (with SWD connector for programming and debugging).
  • Board power supply: through USB bus or from an external 5 V supply voltage
  • External application power supply: 3 V and 5 V.
  • LIS302DL, ST MEMS motion sensor, 3-axis digital output accelerometer.
  • MP45DT02, ST MEMS audio sensor, omni-directional digital microphone.
  • CS43L22, audio DAC with integrated class D speaker driver.
  • Eight LEDs.
  • LD1 (red/green) for USB communication.
  • LD2 (red) for 3.3 V power on.
  • Four user LEDs, LD3 (orange), LD4 (green), LD5 (red) and LD6 (blue).
  • 2 USB OTG LEDs LD7 (green) VBus and LD8 (red) over-current.
  • Two push buttons (user and reset).
  • USB OTG FS with micro-AB connector.
  • Extension header for all LQFP100 I/Os for quick connection to prototyping board and easy probing.
  • DSP Application

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